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As partners, we can take charge of your skin today,no matter what skin type,no matter what phase of your life.

Why engage a dermatologist in your skin care?


Your dermatologist is an internationally recognized medically trained expert on skin, hair and nails. Dermatologists study the science of skin from fetal life through the golden years. We know how your skin evolves through your lifetime.


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  • I got yellow peel done on my buttocks and inner thighs for scars and black pigmentation a month before my wedding with many confused thoughts. But when I saw the results, I was so happy that I took 4 sessions more after my wedding with 95% results.

    ManjuHyderabad, IT professional
  • Her yellow peel gave beautiful results on my back. It was full of ugly acne scars and black marks . Got rid of them in 5 sessions. It is worth every penny as it is expensive peel. Doctor explained about precautions and procedure very thoroughly.  

  • I am regular Botox and Juvederm user. Whenever I visit India , I regularly visit her for my treatment . I am very satisfied with the results and have never faced any side effect of these treatments.

  • Dr Ashima Goel is extremely professional and in most cases, unlike other doctors will try to talk you out of things you do not need. I have never had a bad experience with her. I have tried Botox, IAL SYSTEM, dermaroller and laser hair reduction with her. My skin looks fantastic compared to the first time I walked into her clinic. If you have not tried any of the above things and have concerns, she can address them pertaining to your individual needs . Above all it is your skin and these procedues should only be trusted to a qualified doctor. kdilshad

  • Beautiful skin and confidence goes hand in hand. Being a girl, i always wished for a flawless, spotfree radiant skin but sadly after i slipped in teenage, my skin was all messed due to all the hormonal imbalance for six years. I wandered around looking for a perfect doctor but was never satisfied by any specific doctor . i was so disappointed –my face had many pimples, pigmentation and due to sun rays exposure, my facial pores opened. I was stressed never confident about my skin. Luckily one of my friends suggested me about Dr Ashima Goel. I was too impressed by her qualification and experience level. I was prescribed medicines for 3 months which worked well . Later my skin was treated with two yellow peels which had amazing effects. It was totally a magical experience because th skin pigmentation almost vanished away by 50 % but i was still left with open pores and bit of pigmentation. For that i went for 2 laser treatments and once again my skin got better and better. Last i got one FINAL IAL INJECTION FOR open pores . Now almost all my pores have vanished . I trusted my doctor and she stood by her promise. She is an amazing person with alot of experience and knows exactly how to initiate treatment and end it with great result. My dream of having a flawless skin has come true. I consider myself lucky to have a great doctor for treating skin. On whole, i’d say she’s best at everything and trust me only experienced hands are trustworthy.

     Navdeep  Kaur
    Navdeep Kaur (B .Sc. Nursing Student)

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