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Pimples – Be Acne Free

Parisa acne free is a combination of Smooth beam acne treatment and Glycolic peels. Smoot beam is a breakthrough treatment which uses specially designed light machines to target root cause of acne � the overactive functioning of the sebaceous gland. The light targets the sebaceous glands bringing down the production of oil down to normal […]

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Parisa Advanced Facial

Parisa advanced facial is a unique, hygienic service that has been created by experts . It has been designed step by step; so as to provide a difference to your skin. This includes: Superficial microdermabrasion : a light polishing of skin Blackhead/ Whitehead removal Iontophoresis A skinlightening mask Benefits Light polishing helps in removing the […]

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Teenagers And Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Two third of all the STDS are seen in teenagers and young adults Transmitted from person to person by sharing needles or by having genital, anal or oral sex Most common — herpes simplex, genital warts, molluscum contagiosum, lice , scabies, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and HIV / AIDS How are genital […]

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Nail Fungal Infections

TIPS FOR NAIL FUNGUS PREVENTION Be certain of the correct diagnosis by seeing a dermatologist Keep toeails cut short so as to minimize trauma and injury Wear shoes that fit properly and alternate shoes Use antifungal cream on the feet to prevent fungal infection of the foot Use antifungal powder to control perspiration Treat nail […]

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The Sun And Your Skin

EFFECTS OF THE SUN Sunburn Tanning Aging Wrinkles Skin cancer Allergic reactions Aggravation of herpes simplex, cold sores, chickenpox A FEW EASY TIPS TO PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM SUN Use sunscreen liberally 20 minutes before you step out in sun; especially on cloudy days. Use sunscreen in adequate quantities. Apply on all exposed areas ; […]

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