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One single best treatment for acne scars does not exist. Best results come from tailoring treatment to the individual. Mild depressed acne scars often become less noticeable with use of products that contain glycolic acid, salicylic acid, TCA, retinol, or vitamin C. If spots of discoloured skin (which are not scars) appeared after your acne cleared, a skin lightening cream or chemical peel may help. A Common myth that chemical peels make your sensitive for life —- is no longer valid with the availability of newer nano peels. Discuss the course, precautions and outcome of the peel with your dermatologist to clear your doubts. Photoprotection is important . Now a days medicated compacts are available with SPF as high as 50 ; very suitable for patients with acne undergoing procedures .

For people with mild acne scarring, there are several options, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermarollers and laser skin resurfacing .
For moderate to severe scarring, NON ABLATIVE Fractional Er Glass 1545 nm : The sub – resurfacing action reduces acne scars and wrinkles while improving the skin texture and glow at the same time. Usually 3 to 6 sessions are required at a gap of 1 month. Also very good results in case of Facial Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Facial Rejuvenation, Open Pore Reduction .
FRACTIONAL ablative LASERS – Er YAG LASER 2940 nm (PIXEL) and FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER : have an excellent role in deep acne scars, deep lines and wrinkles. Here downtime is around one week . Strict sun protection is required. CHOOSE YOUR LASER WISELY. Non ablative lasers may not be as effective but they have no scab formation and may be better for those who have a front desk job or hose who don’t want any downtime.

A word of caution – don’t ever try above mentioned treatments by so called aestheticians or at saloons ; else you can end up with disasterous results. Your dermatologist is the best person to guide you which treatment or combination of treatments will be most effective for you.

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