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I would love to share something about what all u have given to me…
Dr.Ashima did an excellent job clearing the face of me..
“I have to known Dr. Ashima from 8 months. She is conscientious and
has done an excellent job treating me for my skin problems..
“Dr Ashima was able to finally treat my acne after several years of failed treatments. I no longer worry about waking up in the morning and finding a new pimple. Dr. Ashima put me on a combination acne treatment that has cleared my face and has kept it clear for several months now.
I get compliments on my skin all the time and that has never happened before. I am very pleased with all the services I have
received from Dr.Ashima.”
“I have been struggling with acne for the better part of many years
now. I have seen countless doctors and tried everything imaginable.Nothing helped me.Honestly, I wasn’t very hopeful since I had been to so many other doctors and had not seen any significant results.
Thankfully, I was wrong! Since being treated by Dr. Ashima,I have seen drastic improvement. Dr.Ashima is very professional and really takes
the time to listen. Thank you for helping me when I truly lost all
hope that there was anyone or anything out there that could help.”
“Since using the prescribed medication by Dr Ashima, my skin is clear
and the scarring is totally improved. She is an excellent doctor.
Yes, there are good dermatologists in the Chandigarh too, but I have
not found any that consistently deliver great service with a humane
and sensitive touch-and at a reasonable price.
Now, I frequently receive compliments from young and older
individuals on how great my skin looks and the fact that it glows. I                                                              have no scarring and blemishes and no sign of single acne..
All of u cannot imagine what all she has given to me on my
face..everybody says “wow”…and i feel like i am in cloud nine….and all credit goes to Dr.Ashima..
Thank you for being so caring. I want to let you know that I
appreciate your thinking about me and helping me with my needs.

I’d highly recommend her..
You’re so kind, so much fun, and just a pleasure to be around. I’ve
enjoyed the entire experience ,more than I can express.

love u a loads mam
Thanks so much!

Dr.Priti Sisodia(Physiotherapist) Medanta Gurgaon


Beautiful skin and confidence goes hand in hand.  Being a girl, i  always wished for a flawless, spotfree radiant skin but sadly after i slipped in teenage, my skin was all messed due to all the hormonal  imbalance for six years. I wandered around looking for a perfect doctor but was never satisfied by any specific doctor .  i was so disappointed –my face had many pimples, pigmentation and due to sun rays exposure, my facial pores opened. I was stressed  never confident about my skin.

Luckily one of my friends suggested me about Dr Ashima Goel.  I was too impressed by her qualification  and experience level.  I was prescribed medicines for 3 months which worked well . Later my skin was treated with two yellow peels which had amazing effects. It was totally a magical experience because th  skin  pigmentation almost vanished away  by 50 % but i was still left with open pores and bit of pigmentation. For that i went for 2 laser treatments and once again my skin got better and better. Last i got one  FINAL  IAL   INJECTION FOR  open pores . Now almost all my pores have vanished .

I trusted my doctor and she stood by her promise.  She is  an amazing person with alot of experience and knows exactly how to initiate treatment and end it with great result. My dream of having a flawless skin has come true. I consider myself lucky to have a great doctor for treating skin. On whole, i’d say she’s best at everything and trust me only experienced hands are trustworthy.

Navdeep  Kaur (B .Sc.  Nursing Student)

Dr Ashima Goel is extremely professional and in most cases, unlike other doctors will try to talk you out of things you do not need. I have never had a bad experience with her. I have tried Botox, IAL SYSTEM, dermaroller and laser hair reduction with her. My skin looks fantastic compared to the first time I walked into her clinic. If you have not tried any of the above things and have concerns, she can address them pertaining to your individual needs . Above all it is your skin and these procedues should only be trusted to a qualified doctor.


I came to Dr Ashima with hyperpigmentation with lots of open pores and small scars on my face after getting CO2 laser from US . She did prosthetic laser 4 sessions on my face got wonderful results in my scars along with remarkable reduction in pigmentation. I got two sessions of IAL system also done which made my skin just soft , supple and nicely plumped up. Her whole laser hair reduction gave excellent results without any scars or pain and her charges were very genuine. Precisely I can say that she is one honest doctor you can trust blindly with your skin.


I got laser for my birthmark on my face and achieved 60 % reduction as explained by the doctor. Now it looks quite merged with rest of the face.


I am regular Botox and Juvederm user. Whenever I visit India , I regularly visit her for my treatment . I am very satisfied with the results and have never faced any side effect of these treatments.


Excellent results of botox and fillers . I am regular with her since last 4 years. Trust her and look beautiful.


Her yellow peel gave beautiful results on my back. It was full of ugly acne scars and black marks . Got rid of them in 5 sessions. It is worth every penny as it is expensive peel. Doctor explained about precautions and procedure very thoroughly.


I got yellow peel done on my buttocks and inner thighs for scars and black pigmentation a month before my wedding with many confused thoughts. But when I saw the results, I was so happy that I took 4 sessions more after my wedding with 95% results.

Manju, Hyderabad, IT professional


Got excellent results with tattoo removal .Complete clearance of name written on my hand.

MN, Panchkula

Dr. Ashima Goel is a very experienced and reputed dermatologist and makes sure that she treats every patient individually herself. She also makes sure that the patient feels comfortable and at ease, prior to the treatment. I had gone to other laser treatment centers for my hair growth but did not achieve any significant results. But now, after just 3 sittings at Dr. Ashima’s clinic, there has been nearly 60% reduction in the hair growth. Also, I did not experience any discomfort or pain during the laser treatment.

Apart from this, I also tried Dr. Ashima’s yellow peel. My skin felt rejuvenated, supple and bright after the treatment.

I highly recommend Dr. Ashima’s Parisa Skin, Cosmetic and Laser Centre to anyone whose prone to skin or hair growth problems.


I had a problem of excessive facial hair growth and visited Dr. Ashima Goel for laser hair reduction treatment. I am very happy & satisfied with the results and treatment methodology. On the first counseling session, I was told that this treatment will only help in hair reduction rather than complete removal, which is a common misconception and it has to be accompanied with medicines to treat the underlying root cause. After just 4 sittings I have got significant reduction in facial hairs with absolutely no side effects. Dr. Ashima is very talented and experienced doctor, and guides you properly by showing all aspects of treatment. She handles everything by herself, and gives individual attention to every patient. I had many doubts and fears before treatment & I think everybody has, especially when it comes to facial skin treatment but,now I know that I have found the best doctor, who can always be trusted when it comes to skin problems.

SG, Chandigarh

I have been under Dr Ashima Goel’s treatment for around a year. I started with laser hair removal and being delighted with the results, ventured to try noninvasive liposuction on abdomen, upper arms and inner thighs. Within a few sessions, I found significant improvements in tone and shape. I have found Dr Goel to be entirely trustworthy and very professional, who never hesitates to refuse a treatment if she considers it unnecessary. It is only my faith in her clinical judgment and competence that gave me the courage to go for surgical mole removal from my face, although I had been wanting to do so for many years now. I am thankful to her for the excellent care she has shown me. I recommend her as an honest and competent doctor who can be blindly trusted to give you the correct advice.


It’s been an year now that I am consulting Dr. Ashima Goel. I came to her with huge pigmentation and very bad acne on my face caused due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Through the medication prescribed by her, I have not only been able to get hormone level balanced but also got rid of the pimples and pigmentation on my face. As guided by her, I have taken laser sittings for scar healing on cheeks and hair removal from the side locks and got amazing results. Also, all my misconceptions regarding the risks involved in the laser treatments have vanished. Thank you Dr. Ashima for being an angel in my life. I have got all my confidence back and feel lucky to be under your supervision.

Esha Sharma, Chandigarh


Its nice to visit such a place where you feel like being treated special ; not like a CLIENT OR  SUBJECT . The point is you feel so self confident of yourself  that you start loving your skin again. Thanks alot for being there to help us. With luv—

Poonam Rana, Solan


I am 52 and spend a lot of time in India. At first i was apprehensive about having Botox Treatment but all my concerns were allayed after visiting Parisa Cosmetic Centre. Dr Ashima Goel is a highly ethical, professional and competent cosmetologist and was happy to address any concerns i had. I felt so comfortable and confident in Dr Goel that i also had filler and IAL treatment for loss of elasticity on my eyelids and neck with great results. So if you are like me, don’t hesitate – visit the delightful perfectionist Dr Goel.

Emma, USA


I am an officer wife and a patient with Ashima for years. I am saying this not because i am her patient but as a human being. With her treatment , she has built up such confidence in me that i am a different person. It is false to say that one should have a noble soul , but your outer appearance does matter and makes the person you are. Thanks to Ashima, i had these deep acne scars since teenage and facial folds but became tolerable with coming years. They really made a huge difference when i visited her.  With her appealing smile and charming personality, makes me a different person which i am today. Thanks and all the best to her for we will be together as long as we live.

Mrs Nimmi,  Chandigarh


Dr Ashima Goel is fantastic. I had fractional CO2 Laser on my face for rejuvenation and treatment of sun spots with wonderful results. There was slight discomfort during the procedure and no pain/ drastic effects afterwards. I can’t thank Dr Ashima enough for the positive changes she has made in my life. I highly recommend anyone with skin problems to visit Dr Goel. She has expertise and magic touch – a quality rare to find in.

Rebecca, U K


I m very pleased with the treatment i received from Dr.Ashima. She did an excellent job and finally treat my acne problem after several years of failed treatment. She is very concerned about her patient. Due to my acne problem everytime people say ” oh no kya hua, beta do dis n dat uffff.” and it feels really bad. But now i am sooooooooo happy, she did an excellent job clearing the face of me. The best part about Dr.Ashima is that she never give medicine directly without tests which other doctors do not do. Now i no longer worry to go out. I get compliments on my skin that has never happened before. Wow i am so happy. Thank u so much man you actully changed my life. I highly recommend you for treatment. Just wanna say you are the best doctor i have met.. thank u very much….

With lots of love
Guneet Kaur (student)


I went to Parisa Skin Clinic a year back. I had a thick hairy growth on my face & also on body. Sometimes people say “u got beard” it feels very bad. I told Dr Ashima I have started medicine almost 2 months back from a renowned Endocrinologist but one of those medicine I stopped as I got some reaction with it. Dr told that I have to have that medicine as without it Laser will have no results. She called her mother & asked for some other medicine in place of earlier, so that Laser will be effective. I felt Dr is so concerned about her patient. B’coz before visiting Parisa Clinic, I went to one very Famous Laser Treatment Dr in Mohali & a girl was sitting their after around 25 sitting & her face is still so hairy & the Dr there was convincing me to get laser in my first visit only without asking what medicine I m having. That Dr is just making money there & not guiding patient at all. Here, after one session of Laser from Parisa Clinic & taking medicine regularly I need not have to get Laser done on my Body , they are as normal hair. After 2 sessions my face was almost clear there are hardly any thick hair. Many people who have seen me before sessions told me after taking Laser sessions that I look too young & my face so beautiful. I feel so glad. So its better for you to go to some Dr who is concerned about you & not to people who are just running Business.


When i visited Dr Ashima, i had lot of deep lines on my forehead and crow’s feet around my eyes— she told me to undergo botox as the solution for it and my age is 39 years. She explained to me all the pros and cons of botox as i had lots of misconceptions about botox. Finally trusting her– i went ahead with it and got beautiful results without any bad effects. She told me — we may have to undergo fractional CO2 laser for deep lines on my forehead later if botox did not cure deep forehead lines completely. But thanks to her –botox did the magic and i did not need laser later. Her hand is exceptionally good . I highly recommend her. Most importantly, she is honest and explains clearly what and how much to expect from a treatment procedure. Thanks a lot for making me look years younger………. Nidhi


when i came to doctor for the treatment of crow’s feet, i had asked the doctor to give me some anti aging cream to cure these.. she gave me cream but she told me to expect only 10 to 15 percent improvement and also told me about botox but i was scared about botox but when i came for the session, it was not that tough and the results are amazing and i am very happy now, my skin looks so young now… i really tell you, botox works like miracle…… the doctor, she is very friendly and gives you proper guidence and treatment………


when i heard about laser hair reduction, i was soo tense for treatment as i was in too much depression about my face as also my mother was worried about my future as totally full of hairs and pimples as well as pigmentation,but after 3 laser hair reduction sessions my face is completely clear and my face is glowing and now no one assumes about my facial hair , pimples and darkness around my eyes and mouth. Doctor even did not perform peeling on my skin though she suggested it but my pimples marks cleared with gels and ointments only. Still i have to take medicines to treat my hormonal imbalance completely and finish my laser sessions under her advise. My heartiest thanks to Dr.Ashima for such a kind of treatment as it is miracle for me.


I came here 8 months back with lots of acne and facial hair growth,but now after getting 3-4 peelings ,laser and most importantly taking proper medicines what i have is a glowing face..Thank u doctor Ashima without u it would not have been possible.

PUNITA Advocate

Botox and Fillers!!!! Those are the words which bring immense joy to me … The memory of those wrinkles on my forehead and near the angles of my mouth send a shiver down my spine. . the memory of not looking so good and losing my self confidence.then came a blessing in disguise for me . . happened to go to Dr Ashima for some skin problem and vow… I got what I had started losing. . On seeing me, she immediately advised me to go ahead with botox and fillers. .  She happened to be so confident in what she said that I immediately planned to go ahead with it and the results were marvellous. .. the same youth.

Thank God I met her!!! Who else can appreciate the results better than a patient who is a doctor (ophthalmologist) herself ?

Dr Bindu Singla 

I am Ishmeet from Patiala. I found Parisa Skin clinic on google and am glad that i i have found the right person who has given me confidence to walk in the world. My face was totally covered with bad kind of acne and my face really looked horrible and i don’t vist my relatives ‘coz people used to stare at me so badly . But now i am the one who get beautiful compliments from people about my skin and my face & this miracle only happened here only. Dr Ashima Goel make people beautiful and she made me so. Thank you so much for new life.

Ishmeet, Patiala 

I am really thankful to Dr Ashima Goel for giving me the best treatment… She is not only too friendly but professional too… She puts her best in the treatment of every individual… I wish her all the success in her coming days

Sampada Thakur

MARVELOUS results for laser and acne treatment. Highly recommended for any skin ailment.

Amarinder Singh

Thanks a million for my treating my multiple boils on my body. I was almost on the verge of suicide. Took treatment from many docs but no use till I came here.


EXCELLENT Results for my adult acne treatment, yellow peel for acne marks, CO2 LASER for acne scars, laser resurfacing (NOW SPOTLESS FACE). Presently, a new younger looking me with juvederm voluma and botox. Thanks a ton!


Best treatment and and best doctor I came across . Recommended for good treatment.


A one stop shop clinic for your skin needs.. Best skin solutions..!


Mind blowing results after laser treatments and extremely effective acne treatments..Truly a life savior..


Acne is worst part for everyone but if you want good results and clear face please contact here


I have got co2 laser, best result for the accidental scar on my nose.. Ever if you have any kind of scar please try this it helps you.. Trust me..


Excellent results of hydra facial


First time introduced in TRICITY…HYDRA FACIAL..is one of a kind..no downtime..instant glow..luminous and perfectly hydrated skin. One of the best facial I have done so far…highly recommended.

Hs Chd

My experience is really good … I can see the results every day 🙂


HYDRAFACIAL is best for all types skin and for all types of benefits are recommended for all skins.. 5 star.. Excellent for any impressionable occasion.. MUST FOR ALL. Don`t get misled by advertisements on TV AND paper. Your right decision is your right doctor with excellent results..


The best skin treatment I have ever experienced..Feel more confident about my looks.. All thanks to Dr. Ashima.

Rhythm Batra

I used NADOXIN C cream for a long time on my face without doctor`s advise. My face was full of pimples, oozing watery skin with lot of itching when i visited Dr Ashima Goel. I was assured complete cure but with long duration treatment. Finally i am almost 90% cured. Thanks a lot to my doc…


Botox and JUVEDERM FILLER was amazing. I look 10 years younger than my present age. There was no side effect. My Face was not frozen like the famous actresses we see on screen. Results were very natural. Nobody in my office could make out that I got anything done my face. But people were wondering how I am looking better day by day..


A pleasure to meet the doc and a treat to the skin. Thanks.

S Kumar

One stop solution to all your dermat problems! 🙂

Akriti Rastogi

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